Have a fun night out with Party Bus

Have a fun night out with Party Bus

Party Bus Singapore
Party Bus Singapore

Ride in style to your destination. Want to pull up to your favorite events in style? Party Bus Singapore is the best way to ride in comfort and enjoyable journey with your group of friends. Events with more than 6 people can be really fun, but arranging everyone together can be a little bit of hassle. That is why hiring a party bus will solve all your problems!

  • Birthday
  • Concert
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Bus
  • Nights out
  • Festival
  • Kids Birthday Party Bus

And many more!

Why you should book a party bus for the events coming up

Party Bus are a much safer mode of transportation than asking everyone to drive separately. No matter what kind of party you are having, there will probably be alcohol involved. You do not have to worry about your friends getting behind the wheel when everyone is riding on a partybus.

Party Bus rentals allow you to plan a bigger parties. You can invite dozens of people, and we can provide everyone single one a party bus. Our party bus can accommodate up to 13 passengers.  Without a party van, you might limit the number of people you invite due to parking difficulties.

Party Bus
Party Bus

When you book a party bus in large group, it is actually a lot cheaper than everyone travelling separately. You split the expenses with the entire group on a party bus and you will only spent $8 per person. When travelling alone, you will have to pay for your own gas, parking which eventually will end up much more expensive than hiring a party bus.

Party Never Ends

The party never ends on a party bus. Get the party roll right in front of your doorstep all the way till your destination, and continue partying again! When travelling from place to place, the fun does not have to take a break. You can also book hourly party bus and it will be your party venue by itself!

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