Special Events Made Better by Booking a Party Bus Service

Special Events Made Better by Booking a Party Bus Service

Bachelorrate Party Bus
Bachelorrate Party Bus

Have you ever seen an individual or group being chauffeured in a Party Bus or other luxurious premium party bus vehicle and felt slightly envious of them knowing they’re most likely attending an extravagant event and are having the time of their lives being driven all around town while you’re driving yourself to your destination? Have you ever wondered where that individual or group were being transported to? A wedding? A concert?

Truth is, that individual or group could have been headed anywhere. There are so many special events and occasions where booking a transportation service can exceed your expectations for the entire day/evening. If you’re wondering what special events are made better by booking a transportation service, keep reading so you can make your next day/night on the town even better by booking a transportation service!


Singapore is known for being a concert tour hot spot for artists. We’re so fortunate to live in such a beautiful city that hosts so many exciting artists and concerts. There’s usually an excellent concert- especially during the summer- at the Indoor Stadium or Singapore Stadium!

Choosing to hire a chauffeur-driven transportation service for a concert will make your entire evening feel glamorous, almost like you’re VIP! Not only is it exciting riding with your entourage to see one of your favorite artists perform live, but you’re able to enjoy the concert better knowing you don’t have to worry about finding parking, getting to the venue on time or being sober for your ride to the venue or home. We can even provide champagne for you to enjoy on your ride there. If you ask us, it doesn’t get much better than that!


Prom – it’s the one school event most teens look forward to from the time they enter high school. From searching for the perfect prom dress/tux to eating at an extravagant restaurant and dancing the night away with friends, what’s not to look forward to?

Not only does booking prom transportation keep your child safe, it’s also more fun for them and their friends if they show up to prom in a luxurious party bus, complete with a well groomed chauffeur dressed in traditional back suit uniform! Your child will get to spend the entire evening with their friends, being chauffeured to dinner and prom, creating memories they’ll never forget.

Sporting Events

Booking special event transportation to sporting events makes enjoying any game that much better! If you’re a regular attendee of games then you know how much of a nightmare parking at National Stadium can be (not kidding- there are TripAdvisor reviews of their parking). If you’re a fan then you’re familiar with how congested the Stadium gets on game day. Whether you’re attending an NFL, Soccer or college sporting event, there’s bound to be heavy traffic which can delay your arrival to the game – and we all know there’s nothing worse than missing the opening pitch or play.

Booking a party bus service will not only get you to the game on time, but you and your cheer squad can enjoy drinks on the way to the game and home so the party never has to stop! Our chauffeurs put your safety first and you can always rest assured knowing you’re in good hands.


Everyone is familiar with how stressful a wedding day can be. From hair appointments to final reception walk through, one of the best days of your life can also be one of the most stressful until you walk down that aisle.

By hiring a chauffeur-driven transportation service, you’ll have peace of mind and feel less stressed knowing you won’t have to worry about driving and coordinating rides for your bridal party – and if you hire Party Bus Singapore, we promise your wedding transportation will run smoothly. Click the link to learn more about why you need to book wedding transportation.

In addition to the special events above, Party Bus Singapore can also provide transportation for the following occasions and nights on the town:

  • Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Homecomings & Graduations
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Quinceanera
  • Pub Crawls & Scavenger Hunts
  • Winery & Brewery Tours (see our list of top wineries and breweries)
  • Holiday Parties & Light Tours
  • Tours, Shopping & Golf Outings
  • Social Events
  • Wedding Proposals

No matter the special occasion, each one is made better by booking a transportation service for the day/evening. Party Bus Singapore will make all your events relaxing, fun and extraordinarily special. In addition to having an extensively trained chauffeur dressed in traditional black suit uniform escort you for the day/evening, we can provide snacks, refreshments, flowers, and balloons to enhance your experience. To book special event transportation for your event, call us at (65) 8499 9714 or book online.

Party Bus Booking Singapore

Our Party Bus Booking and reservations are available 24 hours daily, Mon – Sun including Public Holidays.
There are no additional charges for booking and reservations made in advance.

Party Bus Booking Price

7 Seater Party Bus
City to City Transfer – SGD85
Outside City Transfer – SGD125
Hourly Charter – SGD180/hr

9 Seater Party Bus
City to City Transfer – SGD95
Outside City Transfer – SGD125
Hourly Charter – SGD180/hr

13 Seater Party Bus
City to City Transfer – SGD105
Outside City Transfer – SGD125
Hourly Charter – SGD180/hr

Premium Party Bus
City to City Transfer – SGD125
Outside City Transfer – SGD145
Hourly Charter – SGD205/hr

*Additional SDG15 for additional stop
* Midnight Surcharge 23:30hrs – 06:30hrs additional SGD15
* Grace waiting time (15 minutes for 1 Way transfer) / (45 minutes for Arrival – once the flight/ferry has landed) thereafter $20 for every 15 minutes block will be charged to the total bill
* Additional SGD40 for Woodlands and Kranji Turf Club
* Additional SGD40 for Jurong/Tuas Area

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